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Together We Can Make a Difference


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Chico State Faculty and Staff and the Chico State Wildcat Store are a great team.
Together we provide your student's Course Material needs and together we can provide them at the best possible price

What the Wildcat Store does:

  • 1. We have one of the highest used book ratios in the country!
  • 2. We buy back almost 1,000 titles at Buyback and feature a 50% Guaranteed Buyback program
  • 3. We offer Digital textbooks as a lower cost alternative to buying traditional textbooks.
  • 4. We offer price matching for students through our Textbook Low Price Guarantee Program.
  • 5. We will work with you to locate and offer the lowest cost option for your course materials.
  • 6. We will gladly let you know the retail price of the textbook you are considering adopting

What the Faculty can do:

  • 1. Get textbook requisitions into the Wildcat Store as soon as possible
  • • The earlier the Wildcat Store receives your requisition, the more used books we can obtain for your students
  • • In order for students to be paid 50% of their purchase price for a book, we must have a requisition prior to Buyback.
  • (Buyback is always the week before and the week of finals)
  • 2. Make sure the "package" you are adopting is truly a good value for your students
  • • Ordering a package often restricts the Wildcat Store from buying back the text from students of allowing them to purchase a used book.
  • • If you plan on using the extras in a package it may be a good deal, if not, students generally prefer to
  • purchase the pieces "a la carte."
  • 3. Continue to use the same book and edition as long as remains educationally sound.
Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) — Textbook Legislative Laws

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